For the 2021 to 2022 period, SafeFish is facilitating technical work on the following issues which were identified as high-priority:

Developing a food safety risk register for the seafood industry

The risk register will be compiled through work shopping food safety risks with key stakeholders, including SafeFish partners and industry groups. Where significant risks are identified we will develop mitigation plans that include short and long term actions to address the risk. The register will be reviewed annually, and information from here will feed into the SafeFish prioritisation plan. The national food safety/market access risk register for seafood that will be maintained by SafeFish but shared with the Seafood Industry Australia broader risk register.

Sector specific risk registers and mitigation plans

Building on the national seafood risk register, we will then work with each industry funding partner to develop a food safety/market access risk registers specific to that sector. Each sector will be assisted to develop mitigation plans where required. Each register will be reviewed annually, and will include an annual action plan, owner and champion. We will work through each sector over a period of 6 months, covering all stakeholders in the first three years.

Seafood Exporters Module

Working with the Seafood Trade Advisory Group, SafeFish will assist to collate the food safety related content for the on-line seafood exporters module which is a tool for companies wishing to enter the export market. The module will cover international food safety standards, export legislation requirements and ensuring quality product in the transport supply chain

Raising the awareness of Ciguatera Fish Poisoning with health professionals

SafeFish will continue its work on CFP by raising awareness of it with health professionals. Ciguatera is the greatest source of food-borne outbreaks associated with seafood. Earlier SafeFish work determined that one obstacle to progressing research in this area was the poor reporting and follow-up practices associated with new CFP cases. A health worker survey and awareness campaign was developed during SafeFish 2018-2021, but was unable to be rolled out due to COVID-19.

Extension project - Ready-to-eat seafood

If time and resources allow, SafeFish will facilitate an extension project on ready to eat seafood following on from the review that was conducted in 2021 that identified food safety issues/gaps along the seafood supply chain in relation to ready to eat foods.