SafeFish Partner Meeting Communique

The partners of SafeFish provide general oversight and assist in the identification of emerging issues. They also assist in communicating the technical outputs of SafeFish through appropriate channels in Australia and overseas to facilitate the resolution of issues. The partnership group meets on a quarterly basis and a communique is produced to document the main discussions and outcomes from the meeting. To view these documents, please click on the links below:


SafeFish News

There have been several recently advertised cases of illness relating to hazards in food. SafeFish have developed and collated the following technical information designed to provide information about the issues, how they can affect seafood and how to implement controls to decrease the risk in seafood.

Scombroid Fish Poisoning


Hepatitis A Virus


SafeFish Industry Updates

Please click here to access the quarterly updates that SafeFish produces to keep our industry partners informed of our activities and outputs:



SafeFish Partners Meeting

The next quarterly SafeFish partners meeting will be held virtually in November 2022. For more details or to register your interest in attending the event, please contact the SafeFish secretariat.